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9th SSLC Meeting Minutes

QueenMary University of London Engineering School, NPU

Undergraduate or Postgraduate Student Staff Liaison Committee


Staff members present (online):



Cheng Yin

Vice Dean of QMES, Chair of SSLC

Maria Romero-Gonzalez

Director of Learning Development, co-Chair of SSLC

Fan Xiaoli

Vice Dean of QMES

Andrew Spowage

Director of Accreditation and Quality

Gabriel Cavalli

Director of ICTL and Teaching Development

Alan Allman

Convenor of English language modules

Qi Yue

Education Manager of QMES

Shi Xuetao

Director of Polymer Materials Science and Engineering Programme

Gao Pengfei

Director of Materials Science and Engineering Programme

Li Yangyang

Assistant Education Manager of QMES

Wang Luyan

Secretary of SSLC, QMUL

Student representatives of four cohorts:


(Programme name and level)

Su Yi

Materials Science and Engineering Programme, 2018

Meng Fanze

Materials Science and Engineering Programme, 2019

Ji Zinan

Polymer Materials Science and Engineering Programme, 2020

Chen Zhiyue

Materials Science and Engineering Programme, 2020

Sun Si’ao

Polymer Materials Science and Engineering Programme, 2021

Lu Haoting

Materials Science and Engineering Programme, 2021

Course representatives of four cohorts:

2019 cohort:

QXU5030 Composite Materials

Liu Doudou

QXU5017 Experiments 2

Yu Chuan

QXU5111 PDP3

Wang Yuhan

NXC5036 Metal 2

Liu Yinuo

NXC5014 Elastomer Materials

Li Yuou

2020 cohort:

QXU4006 MS2

Ye Yaowen, Wei Siyu

QXU4111 PDP2

Yin Yuehao

QXU4003 Polymer Chemistry

Cai Ningjing

QXU4002 Chemistry for Materials

Han Ruifeng

NXC4022 Thermodynamics and Phase Transformations

Wang Xinjie

NXC4012 Mechanical Modelling

Wang Weijia

U44G11004 Introduction to Mao Zedong Thoughts and the Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characters

Li Fengyuan

2021 cohort:

QXU3102 English Language 2

Wang Yiruo

QXU3111 PDP1

Shi Lingzi

QXU4011 Introduction to Engineering Materials

Li Jiatian

NXC3004 Advanced Mathematics2

Jin Haiyang

NXC3005 Mathematical Modelling and Computing

Ye Jiankun

Wei Siyu

U44G11013 Situation and Policy, Psychology

Niu Jinyuan

U30L21046 Aesthetic Education

Qu Zikun

U44G11001 Essentials of Chinese Modern History

Zhu Zixuan

Staff Secretary:Wang Luyan

Student Secretary:Yu Qifan, Hu Xinrui

Part 1 – Preliminary Items


Welcome and introduction for members


The meeting welcomed all the members present.


Apologies for Absence


The meeting noted apologies for the absence from Ms. Faith Nightingale,convenor of PDP modules, and Wu Ajing, director of general affairs office of QMES.


Minutes of the previous meeting


The committee approved the minutes of the meeting held on 22ndJan2022.

Part 2 – Student reports


Report from Year 4





Su Yi:

1)Final year projects, assessments and exams have been arranged in a very tight sequence. A more relaxed time schedule and fewer clashes of assessments with classes in April and May are proposed.

2)More guidance and detailed suggestions on individuals’ work shall be given by QM teachers regarding their final year projects.

3)The ratio/ proportion of obtaining a First-class degree shall maintain the same compared with that of the cohort 2017.

4)Gratitude for the school and staff has been delivered by the student representative on the behalf of all students in the cohort.

A: 1) has been consulted with the school prior to the meeting and there is a general postponement for assessments.

QY (Qi Yue): A change of the structure has been made which will be implemented from the cohort 2022. School is proactively optimizing itself which involves a set of complex procedures, we appreciate students’ feedback and hope students would understand that the fact we grow together.

FXL (Fan Xiaoli): School will pass 2) to QM side of teachers. School have received feedbacks from cohorts 2017 and 2018 due to the tight schedule of their finals and have already modified it to a great extent. For 3), the school does not manipulate the ratio/ proportion of it and students obtain their degree solely based on their performance.


Report from Year 3





Meng Fanze:

1)Gradintelligence has failed to display grades of their second year of study.

2)Proposal for adjustment of modules will be properly brought up in the next SSLC meeting.

A: 1) has been consulted with staff prior to the meeting and is now waiting for further response. However, wet-stamped provisional transcripts may be issued upon request.

FXL: Based on the current argument raised by the student representative, rationality, credibility and reliability of 2) need to be investigated. Biased and personal opinions are not accepted. However, if it is possible to improve our structure, modifications will be discussed.

Wang Yuhan:

1)A stricter application of the Professional Practice System should be adopted. It is due to that lack of engagement of some students has harmed the fairness in their groupwork. Students who failed to show their effort in participation and contribution should reflect it in their final exam.

2)Students are confused by the content of PDP module since PDP looks at the long-term plan however students in year three are more anxious about their master's entry exams though they do value its significance for their future development. Therefore, suggestions on revising its teaching hours have been proposed.

A: Gabriel Cavalli (GC) has replied that Faith Nightingale, the PDP module convener and QMUL are working on various approaches regarding fairness in the group work; for instance, students may get individual marks in their group work. There will be training for teachers over the summer holiday, and we are looking forward to improvements and specific modifications of principles. Although it may take a longer time to deploy, school is working on it. For 2), Our programme has been accredited by the Institute of Materials (IOM3) in the UK, which is the strictest form of accreditation, and PDP module has been a highlight of our programme; scholars and professionals commonly agree on its significance and usefulness for engineering students.


Report from Year 2








Chen Zhiyue:

1)Students have a neutral attitude toward online teaching, some of them prefer to have online teaching because recorded lectures are helpful for their revisions. However, sometimes there is an echo in the lecture hall and students would like to optimize it.

2)Students would like to take online quizzes in their own places instead of being gathered in the classroom.

A: School staff had reported this echo issue to NPU academic department. However, there had no guarantee of the avoidance of its eventuality. Therefore, when it occurs, please let the TA/ staff know so that we can reach out to the relevant department and fix it.

Wang Luyan (WLY) responded to 2) that although teachers are aware that students have access to resources by having online tests, they should not cheat in any possible way. Students should take online quizzes in classrooms and we may look into stricter invigilation.

Ji Zinan:

1)Students are satisfied with MS2, more investigation on different modules may be conducted in the future.

Ye Yaowen:

1)Students are satisfied with the course in general however students would appreciate slower speaking speed and more in-depth explanations of professional terms which is a general suggestion for all QM side teachers.

Wang Xinjie:

1)Appreciation of the dedication of teachers and school has been delivered by the student representative on the behalf of the course.

2)Communication barrier due to online teaching was alleviated by consulting with the teacher that providing students with additional contact hours using the Tencent meeting for direct conversations.

Han Ruifeng:

1)The difficulty of the moduleQXU4002 Chemistry for Materialsis challenging and students who have failed to engage themselves with online materials have caused some confusion. A proposal on providing e-books and other useful materials in QQ groups and other more easily accessible platforms has been made.

A: WLY stated that uploading study materials to other platforms is possible however, there might be copyright issues. Therefore, for any specific requests on materials, the student representative needs to discuss them with the teacher.


Report from Year 1



Lu Haoting:

1)There was no issues nor comments have been reported. After years of improvement, students are relatively satisfied with the programme.

Sun Si’ao:

1)Students understand that adjusting themselves and improving their language skills are current musts for their studies.

Part 3 – Other Business


Any Other Business


No other business was reported.


Date of next meeting


The committee decided the next meeting willbe held on 27 June 2022.

Part 4 – Concluding Speech


End of the meeting


CY concluded the meeting by expressing her gratitude to all the members present and efforts in the progress of preparing the student reports. She said it’s a very positive and valuable opportunity to have this meeting. The school appreciates student and course representatives’ efforts in helping and maintaining a healthy liaison between the broad student and staff.

Action-Log: Student-Staff Liaison Committee





Action status

Issue resolved?


Gradintelligence update of students’ grade of previous academic years

QM office

In May

In process


Formal proposal for adjustment of year 3 modules

student representative

In May-June

In process


Stricter application of Professional Practice System

course representative

In May

In process


Discussion on taking online quizzes outside the classroom

student representative

In May